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CLL - 77 yr old - treating with Ibrutinib

Hi, I'm Kenbikelaw

Started treating CLL with Ibrutinib 3 weeks ago. No side effects, just concerns over duration of treatment, cost, the long term effects and the daily reminder that I have Leukemia. Anybody want to talk?

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  • Thu Aug 24, 2017

I have been taking Imbruvica (Inbrutinib) for almost 16 months now and most side effects i have experienced are cramps (legs, feet & hands), rashes, increased anxiety, difficulty falling asleep and decreased appetite with subsequent weight loss.

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  • Sat Sep 2, 2017

43 years old taking Ibrutinib for 3 months. Fatigue is getting worse, joint pain, random stabbing pain in legs, can’t even remember simple things anymore. Doctor can’t explain joint pain or stabbing leg pains. Anyone else having these problems?

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  • Tue Oct 3, 2017
I'm RAYMOND J M., and I'm a survivor of Leukemia

I was diagnosed with CLL last September, I will be 73 next month, and I have been taking Ibrutinib (140mg once per day) since May ( less than 6 months). So far, no apparent side effects. My WBC count has fluctuated up and down twice and my last two readings 2months apart were trending down significantly. My initial symptoms included night sweats, fatigue, swollen neck and under arm lymph nodes. The fatigue increased initially upon taking the Ibrutinib but was much relieved by the end of the first few weeks of use. I have resumed a walking exercise program that I had abandoned due to fatigue before starting on Ibrutinib. Here’s hoping! Best to all.

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  • Wed Oct 25, 2017

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